IT & Computing

People Potential offers a range of IT and Computing qualifications for a range of abilities and skills.

Check out the following pages to find out more about what each course can offer you:

Gain skills and knowledge to start your career here!
Learn how to use a range of common digital tools and technologies to an intermediate level!
Start your career in the fast paced IT Industry!
Gain internationally recognised IT skills and knowledge!
Develop your Microsoft Server administration skills and knowledge!
Develop your Cisco network administration skills and knowledge!

Entry Criteria

These programmes are open to all people aged 16 years and over and have left school. Particpants need to have a desire to gain qualifications in the relevant industry and progress to higher level training or employment.

You will also need to have an appropriate level of literacy and numeracy skills to study at the programme level which will be assessed during the selection interview process.The Selection interview process is completed to ensure the best possible chance of student success.

For programmes at Level 3 or below a Literacy & Numeracy test is required.