Why Choose Us

NZQA External and Evaluation Review

People Potential was one of the first tertiary education providers in New Zealand to participate in the EER process created by NZQA and was awarded the highest rating of being a Category 1 provider – Highly confident in educational performance and Highly confident in capability in self-assessment. This process is designed to provide learners with confidence that the education they receive at People Potential is of a high standard and NZQA confirms the effectiveness of this at a national level.

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NZQA Best Practice Case Study

As a result of the external evaluation and review conducted by NZQA, the team was asked to contribute to a case study formed by NZQA and Ako Aotearoa where interviews were conducted on effective practices implemented throughout the organisation for self-assessment which were published for providers at a national level.

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ITENZ & Quality Commission

People Potential is a member of the Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand, a national organisation representing over 187 private tertiary institutions in New Zealand. People Potential has been awarded Provider of the Year each time it has applied from 2003 – 2018. Bronwyn Ronayne (CEO) and Andrea Ross (Managing Director) have been also been recognised for their outstanding work in the industry by ITENZ. Bronwyn achieved her Bachelor of Applied Management in 2016 and received the ITENZ Margaret Yates Scholarship which supports people undertaking academic projects, undergraduate or postgraduate study, or advancing areas of expertise to further their professional development. Andrea was awarded the ITENZ Leadership Award, which recognises people that have excelled in performance, participation and achievements.

Our Student Successes

I have always been mechanically inclined, and when I saw the opportunity to develop my interests and skills through the Electricity Supply programme at People Potential, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. As a young father, learning valuable life-skills through the Foundation Skills qualification such as budgeting, how to work as part of a team, and committing to a real cause, has changed my perspective on life and how I approach situations. My next adventure is pursuing the apprenticeship I have been granted with at Northpower. 



I was having so much difficulty getting through to the later stages of interview processes in the Business and Technology industry because I did not have the right administrative qualifications. After completing my Business Administration Level 3 and 4 qualifications, the awesome team at People Potential recognised my potential and helped me secure employment at Youth Service as a Youth Coach.  I love communicating with the rangatahi in Whangarei and the computing experience I gained through study helps me in my everyday job.  I love the fact that People Potential help you achieve your goals even after you have graduated.



The last two years I have spent at People Potential have been incredibly beneficial to me.  I have learnt lots of new skills, especially in the Hospitality industry, that are very useful in the kitchen at home.  Our Hospitality Tutor is awesome, he helped myself and other students throughout our qualification so that we achieved and were constantly motivated to achieve our goals.  I was lucky enough to get to do driving lessons to work towards getting my Restricted Licence and that has helped me become a much better driver.  I have got my NCEA L1 & 2, Foundations Level 1 & 2, Hospitality L2 and am about to sit my Restricted Licence test in December.  Next year I plan to join the Tourism Industry.